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Who Wrote the Bible

an overview of some of the issues involved in the authorship of the biblical text

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Have The Rabbis Ruined Judaism

The scope of rabbinic power

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The Month of Cheshvan In Halachah and Aggada

Why Cheshvan does not have any holidays

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Rabbi Noach Weinberg and Kiruv

The Obligation of Kiruv - attitude of Rabbi Noach Weinberg

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Jesus in the Talmud

A comparison of the various Talmudic passages which make a reference to Jesus, an attempt to seperate theology from history

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Berishit; a Book Review

Recurring themes of sefer berishit

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The Argument for Tekhelet

The argument for tekhelet in light of the discovery of the Murex, an analysis of the various objections to the fulfillment of this mitzva in our time - and responses to those objections.

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A Dead Messiah (1)

does Jewish Tradition entertain the idea of a Messiah rising from the dead?

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Life and teachings of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein

The life upbringing and contributions of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein

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Is not in the spirit of shabbat a real thing

5775-are there aspects of shabbat which do not fit into the 39 melachot?

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Becoming Yehoshua

The significance of Yehoshua having his name changed

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Shuvu Banim Shovivim

Can everyone do teshuva? The curious story of Elisha Ben Avuya/Aher - could he have done teshuva?

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