Rosh Hashanah

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Rabbi Eliezer Ben Durdiya

Spiritual Degeneration and Teshuva

59:35 Open
Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah

49:27 Open
Rosh Hashanah - Part I

Rosh Hashanah - Part I

59:26 Open
Rosh Hashanah - Part II

Rosh Hashanah - Part II

48:00 Open
Shofar 9 20

Shofar 9 20

01:04:12 Open


49:49 Open
The Prayer of the Shofar

The Prayer of the Shofar

01:08:17 Open
The Sound of the Shofar

The Sound of the Shofar

01:08:19 Open
The Teshuva of Reish Lakish

Teshuva from love and fear

53:52 Open
Tishrei - What's the Connection

Tishrei - What's the Connection

34:46 Open
Akaidat Yitzchak and Yishmael

Comparison between the expulsion of Yishmael and the Akaida of Yitzchak and lessons for Rosh Hashana

00:56:04 Open
Teshuva; Personal Re-Creation

00:50:47 Open
Repercussion of Sin

dynamic of teshuva

00:54:57 Open
Teshuva and Complete Teshuva

What is complete Teshuva? can a person cease to be a "Baal Teshuva"?

00:44:42 Open
The Happiness of Rosh Hashanah

What is the nature of Rosh Hashanah? The biblical texts are obscure. Rabbinic texts provide clues that the perspective from heaven may be very different from what we sense here below.

01:09:14 Open

Yom Kippur

Title Description Duration Open
Yom Kippur and Affliction

Yom Kippur and Erev Yom Kippur

58:40 Open
Teshuvah and the World of Truth

Teshuvah and the World of Truth

01:07:53 Open
Repercussions of Sins

Repercussions of Sins

54:57 Open
Noach, Yonah and the Rainbow

Noach, Yonah and the Rainbow

47:56 Open
Making a Difference

Making a Difference

39:51 Open
Jacob Becomes Israel​

Jacob Becomes Israel​

01:12:30 Open
Is Teshuva Always Possible - Part I - Acher

Is Teshuva Always Possible - Part I - Acher

01:02:28 Open
Is Teshuva Always Possible - Part II - Acher

Is Teshuva Always Possible - Part II - Acher

01:02:10 Open
The Ten Days of Teshuva

Analysis of the 3 books open on Rosh Hashana and the teshuva of the "Beinoni"

58:40 Open
Teshuva the connection between the Individual and the collective

To what extent should an individual attempt to heal rifts with others in anticipation of Yom Kippur

01:00:24 Open
The Disappearance of Truth 00:55:54 Open
Yom Kippur and Transcendence

when does the new year begin how do the Ten days of Teshuva work?

00:40:15 Open
The Teshuva of Resh Lakish

Analysis of the story depicting the Teshuva of Resh Lakish from a halachic, philosophic and literary perspective

00:49:07 Open


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One or Two Days for Visitors to Israel

One or Two Days for Visitors to Israel

01:02:57 Open
The Essence of Succot

The Essence of Succot

01:02:41 Open

Explanation of the visitors who come on Sukkot

01:04:41 Open
Kitavo Sukkot - a time for Joy

the connection between sukkot and joy

00:41:42 Open
Sukkot of Glory

5775-Are Sukkot a commemoration of the Sukkot the Jews lived in - or a symbol of the clouds of Glory? A consideration of the textual evidence, (with some kabbalistic sources at the end).

01:08:27 Open
Hakahel and Chag Haasif

Are Shmita and the Sukkot - Chag Haasif - "the holiday of gathering" mutually exclusive?

00:55:22 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Chanukah and Yosef

Chanukah and Yosef

01:05:42 Open
Chanukah - Candles and Unicorns

What do Chazal tell us and not tell us about Chanuka?

53:45 Open


42:21 Open
Women and Chanukah candles

Do women have an obligation to light Chanaka candles? If one's husband lit - can a wife still light?

01:04:09 Open
Parshat Vayeshev and Chanuka

5767-Ketz Bavel - Zerubavel

58:54 Open
Chanuka Candles and Danger

Where should candles be lit in Chanuka - inside or outside? tension between law and practise

01:06:22 Open
Parshat Vayeshev / Prerequisite For Moshiach

Lighting one family candle

00:46:07 Open
Guests on Chanuka - Part one (Shiur in Hebrew)

5775-where should guests light the chanuka candles

00:42:34 Open
Guests on Chanuka part 2 (Shiur in Hebrew)

5775-where should guests light the chanuka candles

00:40:34 Open

Tu Bshvat

Title Description Duration Open
Tu Bshvat - a Holiday of Trees and Ecology?

Tu Bshvat - Fact and Fiction  Is Tu bshavt connected to trees? Ecology? Planting trees?

01:04:29 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Amalek - Zaycher, Zecher, Zachor

Reading parshat Zachor - what is the correct reading, what is the custom?

51:37 Open
Crossdressing for Purim

The custom of dressing up on Purim - are there limits?

01:09:57 Open
Esther 2

Esther 2

37:21 Open
Esther as a Precedent

Esther as a Precedent

59:25 Open


01:08:48 Open
Joy of Adar and Nissan

Joy of Adar and Nissan - Yahrzeit Shiur for Mr. Zallas

46:38 Open
Ki Tisa - Purim

Ki Tisa - Purim

01:15:44 Open
Mishenichnas Adar

Mishenichnas Adar

55:14 Open
Mishloach Manot

What is the Mitzva of Mishloach Manot on Purim?

57:31 Open
Purim 65

Purim 65

21:41 Open
Purim Yom Kippurim

Purim Yom Kippurim

54:11 Open
The Joy of Adar

The Joy of Adar

01:01:38 Open
The Story of Esther - Hidden and Revealed

analysis of the story based on the Rav, and the Zohar

59:28 Open
Will the Real Adar Please Stand Up - The Status of Adar Rishon

the status of Adar Rishon in Halacha

01:04:58 Open
Drinking on Purim Ad Dlo Yada

is there an obligation to drink - get drunk on Purim?

01:04:22 Open
Remembering and Understanding the war against Amalek

5773-A comparison of the two Amalek sections in the Torah including the larger contexts

01:10:51 Open
When Adar Starts - the Joy Begins

connecting - joy, Sin, Purim Yom Kippur and the Mishkan

00:46:39 Open
Weekly parsha shiur at Yeshivat Sha'alvim/ Parshat Zachor/The Struggle against Amalek

5775-The antecedents of the battle with Amalek

00:55:51 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Pesach - Four Sons - Four Questions

Analysis of the questions and answers of the four sons in the Haggada

01:03:47 Open
Did we Leave Egypt too Soon

Did We Leave Egypt Too Soon

49:17 Open


45:41 Open
Matzah of Lot

Matzah of Lot

54:43 Open
Parshat Hachodesh

Parshat Hachodesh

01:00:25 Open
Parshat Parah

Parshat Parah

01:05:10 Open
Pesach 65

Pesach 65

01:09:11 Open
Pesach, Matzah, Maror - Biblical Antecedents

why did the Jews eat Matzah (and Maror) before the left Egypt

53:23 Open


49:16 Open
Sale of Chametz - "Legal Fiction"?

The dynamics of the sale of Chametz

01:05:10 Open
Seder Night

Seder Night

39:54 Open


01:02:23 Open
Stringencies on Pesach

are stringencies on pesach good? do we have a right to ridicule other people's chumros?

01:06:01 Open
Vayakhel Pekudei - Chodesh

Vayakhel Pekudei - Chodesh

43:08 Open
Transcending Time

The aspect of time in making matzot leaving Egypt and all mitzvot

00:55:42 Open
Torah Readings for Pesach

5774- Why we reject the ruling of the Mishna regarding the Torah readings on Pesach (and Shavuot)

01:00:07 Open
cleaning books for Pesach 00:03:55 Open
Chametz and Matzah - The Korban Pesach and Korban Todah

5775-If chametz is spiritualy bad - why only on Pesach? The relationship between the koraban Pesach and Todah

00:59:15 Open


Title Description Duration Open


01:03:27 Open
Joseph a Flame & Esav Straw

Joseph a Flame and Esav Straw

50:47 Open
Kisei David

Kisei David

01:07:22 Open
Yesod shebe Tiferet & Yesod shebe Malchut

The significance of hey Iyar and of the 28th of Iyar in the Vilna Gaon's mystical doctrine - the beginning of the end of days...

01:07:12 Open
Yosef is Zion

Yosef is Zion

44:10 Open
The Idea of Counting the Omer

The idea of counting the Omer as compared and contrasted with other countings

01:01:31 Open
Mourning During the Omer

Customs of mourning during the Omer

01:06:40 Open
The Dual Aspects of Sefirat Haomer

5773-Agriculture or theology - why do we count the omer? Did the Jews count when they left Egypt?

01:02:18 Open
Lag Baomer - Impromptu remarks on Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai

5775-How can Rebbe Shimon save all in the day of judgement? Charting the development of Rebbe Shimon from student of Rebbe Akiva to great teacher.

00:53:11 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Bamidbar & Shavuot

Bamidbar and Shavuot

40:42 Open
The Omer - Linking Pesach and Shavuot

How the Omer Links Pesach and Shavuot

01:02:49 Open
Flowers and trees in Shul on Shavuot - Chukat Akum

Can one put flowers in a shul on shavuot? What was the concern of the Gr"A

01:00:44 Open
-Na'ase V'nishma 3 Approaches

How does the beautiful Gemara telling of the Jews accepting the Torah before hearing the contents fit back into the biblical text?

00:54:05 Open

Tisha Bav

Title Description Duration Open
3 Sins Of Tisha Bav

Sins Of Tisha Bav

55:11 Open
9 Bav

9 Bav

48:08 Open
9 Days Part 1

9 Days

49:04 Open
9 Days Part 2

9 Days

45:51 Open
Kol Vyad TishaBav

Kol Vyad TishaBav

01:05:51 Open
Lennys Father's Yahrzeit

The Churban

01:04:17 Open
The Carpenter The Apprentice And His Wife

The Carpenter The Apprentice And His Wife

01:12:09 Open
The Evolving Shofar

The Evolving Shofar

55:45 Open
Tisha Bav 08 Hebrew

Tisha Bav 08 Hebrew

50:30 Open
The Source of Hatred

Tisha Bav 08

01:03:32 Open
Tisha Bav 5767 Hebrew

Tisha Bav 5767 Hebrew

40:31 Open
Tisha Bav 5767

Tisha Bav 5767  the sin of the spies

01:09:43 Open
Tisha Bav 5769 Chillul Hashem And Churban

The sin of desecration of God's name as a cause and result of the destruction

01:10:47 Open
Tisha Bav

Tisha Bav Laws of mourning

42:49 Open
Tisha Bav

Two brothers

01:22:09 Open
When Tisha B'Av Falls on Shabbat (are marital relations allowed)

5772-When Tisha Bav falls on Shabbat the fast is pushed to Sunday - Are there any laws of Tisha Bav on Shabbat? Are laws of private mourning intact? Are sexual relations allowed? Is the fast on Sunday a "bona fide" Tisha B'Av?

00:54:22 Open
Rabbi Tzadok; Feeling the Pain of the Community

A Talk for Tisha Bav, introducing Martha bat Baytus and Rabbi Zadok - and contrasting the two.

01:11:26 Open
Playing Hide and Seek with God (Tisha Bav)

Tisha Bav as a Holiday or Moed, sin of the Golden calf and the repercussions. Finding God in sorrow

01:00:40 Open
Tisha Bav , the 17th of Tammuz and mistaken calculations

were the city walls breached on the 9th or 17th of Tammuz? strange answer in the Yerushalmi  shiur in Hebrew

00:28:31 Open
Tisha Bav 5773 Because of a Rooster and a Hen

the destruction of Tur Malka as told in the Gemara in Gitten, a town that lost its identity.

00:59:44 Open
The Sins which caused the Churban

5774-The biblical antecedents to the sins which destroyed the Temple

00:36:37 Open
Sources of Hatred

5774-Biblical antecedents to the idea of Hatred.

01:08:59 Open
Tu Bav

The idea behind an obscure holiday

00:42:57 Open
The Oldest Hatred Redux

Whys is Yosef found in the middle of the Golden Calf sin?

01:18:02 Open