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Parshat Bamidbar / Flags


01:05:40 Open
Parshat Bamidbar / More Than Just A Name

More Than Just A Name

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Parshat Bamidbar / The Negative Side Of Holiness

The Negative Side Of Holiness

01:01:47 Open
Parshat Bamidbar / What We Borrowed From The Angels

What We Borrowed From The Angels

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Parshat Bamidbar / Lost in the Desert

5773-why are Moshe's children not mentioned? Which children of Aharon did Moshe keep alive? more insight in the deaths of Nadav and Avihu

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Parshat Bamidbar / Counting and Uplifting

The purpose of counting the Jews in the beginning of Bamidbar, and how the counting had a positive spiritual impact on those counted

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Parshat Bamidbar / Of Levites Cohanim and Firstborn

5774-Can the First born ever regain their status as kohanim? will the pig become kosher? can the Torah change or evolve?

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Birchat Kohanim


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From Sotah to Bircat Kohanim (via Nazir)

Naso 5772-the juxtaposition of the mitzvot in parshat Nazir

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Holy Speech

5773-The Monologue and Dialogue between God and Moshe

01:02:23 Open
Parshat Naso / Misappropriations

5774-Why are the laws of Sotah mentioned in Parashat Naso? Biblical antecedents to the process of Sotah

00:54:48 Open
Parshat Naso / Unraveling the Confusion

Making sense of all the "random" mitzvot in Parshat Naso. Use of Pshat Drash Remez and some Sod

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Parshat Bahalotcha / A Book Of Opportunity

A Book Of Opportunity

38:06 Open


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Parshat Bahalotcha / Immediate Gratification


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Parshat Bahalotcha / The Inverted Nuns

The Inverted Nuns

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Parshat Bahalotcha / Tikun, Counting, Yovel

Tikun, Counting, Yovel

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Parshat Bahalotcha / The Theory of Conservation of The Elders

5773-What is the relationship between the various "elders" mentioned in the Torah

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Parshat Bahalotcha / The Inexplicable NUNS

Various approaches considered that explain the strange phenomenon of the "inverted nuns" in Bahalotcha

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parshat bahalotcha / Moshe's (Suicidal) Depression

5774-Moshe's response to the peoples lust seems extreme, what is the meaning of his depression and despair?

01:02:02 Open
Parshat Bahalotcha / Uplifting the Levi

5775-What is behind the process of lifting the Levites? Why it was destined for the Levites to replace the firstborn?

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Pesach Sheni

Who was the corpse that generated the mitzva of Pesach Sheni?

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SHITTIM Haftorah

SHITTIM Haftorah

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The Spies

The Spies

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Of Wine and Bread

5773-The interconnection between the laws and narrative after the sin of the "spies"

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The Story of the Spies; What was Moshe Thinking

the story of the spies; a comparison of the narrative of the episode of the spies between the Book of Bamidbar and the narrative in Dvarim. Why did Moshe wish to send the spies, and in what way did he agree with them?

01:03:54 Open
Parshat Schlach / Toxic Constant Complaints

5774-the antecedents to the sin of the spies and punishment of the generation

01:08:30 Open
Parshat Shlach / Forgive Forget (1)

After the "sin of the Spies" a group of Jews ask for forgiveness and start the trip to Israel. Who were they why did they fail?

01:01:37 Open
Parshat Schlach / Giants and Grasshoppers

How is hatred related to the sin of the spies? what is the core of the sin?

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Becoming Yehoshua (1)

The significance of Yehoshua having his name changed

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Korach and Miriam

THE PARALLEL BETWEEN MIRIAM AND  KORACH  How a minor private conversation escalated to a full fledged rebellion

38:12 Open
Parshat Korach / Narrative and Law in Bamidbar

5774-An analysis how the law and narrative in the Book of Bamidbar compliment one another

00:55:52 Open
Parshat Korach / Anatomy of a Breakdown

What was it that drove Korah crazy? And what brought him to form a confederacy with these specific co-conspirators

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Parshat Chukat / Yiftach and Morality

The connection between the Story of Yiftach found in the Haftorah and this week's Parsha

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Parshat Chukat


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Parshat Chukat / The Sin of the People (Pushing Moshe over the edge)

5773-What did the people do and say wrong which brought Moshe to hit the rock?

01:06:37 Open
Parshat Chukat / Implications of a Detour

5774-How death permeates the Parasha, why Para Aduma is needed

01:02:46 Open
Parshat Chukat / Deja vu – all over again (1)

What was the sin that Moshe was guilty of? Why were Moshe and Aharon punished?

01:10:34 Open
Parshat Chukat / The Para Adumah and the Death of Moshe

Understanding the divergent elements of Parshat Chukat

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Parshat Balak -Understanding the protagonists

Moav, Midyan, Biliam Balak - how did this confederacy emerge?

24 Thousand times three

48:09 Open
Parshat Balak / Balak and Biliam = Amalek

The mystical backround of the Biliam/Balak story

41:03 Open
Parshat Balak - Linking the 2 parts of the parsha

Understanding the connection between the beginning and the end of the Parsaha

53:17 Open
Parshat Balak / The Power of Bilam

The power of Bilam

01:22:04 Open
Parshat Balak / Sex Idolatry and Death

5774-The outrage at the end of Parashat Balak

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Pinchas 08

Pinchas 08

01:06:49 Open
The Korban Tamid

Understanding the symbolism and meaning of the offerings in Parshat Pinchas

47:08 Open
Pinchas and Zimri; Levi and Shimon Redux

The strange path of the Levi Shimon partnership

44:27 Open
Pinchas is Eliyahu

The relationship between Pinchas and Eliyahu

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Thought, Speech and Action

 Matot Masei

49:42 Open
Parshat Matot


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Parshat Matot / The war against Midian, and flying sorcerers

Why Rashi explains that Billiam was flying and needed to be grounded

01:05:10 Open
Parshiot Matot-Masai Words Thought and Action

Matot Masei 67 the power of words and how they connect to thought and actions

01:06:26 Open
Parshat Matot / the power of a vow

The ability to make break and cancel a vow

49:19 Open


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Parshat Masei


46:40 Open
Parshat Masei / Traveling

destination and traveling, rest and journey

01:00:13 Open
Parshat Masai / Feminism Zionism and Capitalism

Why did the daughters of Zelaphchad want an inheritance? Why did part of Menashe find themselves outside of Israel?

01:00:55 Open